The natural scenery that hosts AQUAE VENICE 2015 is the Venetian Lagoon, a location that has to be considered as a founding element of the project AQUAE.

A virtuous project of urban requalification, a brownfield to be recovered without new land consumption, perfectly in line with the growing European sensibility towards environmental issues and energy efficiency.

AQUAE VENICE 2015 is born in the area overlooking the Venitian Lagoon, the result of a process of urban regeneration for the recovery of the water front. From a general situation of brownfield to a new vision and the realization of a green field is the premise of the exhibition project.

The project by a team of avant-garde designers such as the architects Michele De Lucchi, Andreas Kipar, Gianni and Paul Caprioglio Lucchetta, which represents a new scientific and exhibition frontier.

AQUAE VENICE 2015 is born in an area of more than 50,000 square meters, the result of an important activity of requalification and environmental upgrading. Beginning from 2015, on this area will grow the new fair and exhibition center of Venice, with a covered area close to the lagoon consisting in a modern and innovative central pavilion of more than 10,000 square feet, built according to the highest standards of technology and international quality.


The AQUAE VENICE 2015 pavilion is located in via Galileo Ferraris, 5 in Venice Marghera. The entrance is at the corner of via Pacinotti and Via Galileo Ferraris.